Native American Demons

Native American Demons
November 2010

It‘s early morning and I’m sitting here on a YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii reflecting on the deliverance prayer session I conducted last night. It was a grueling five hour session with a 21 year old girl and her husband of eight months. They are here on this YWAM base training for missionary service in spite of her many bondages. She had been tormented since early childhood by demons appearing to her trying to convince her that she was insane. Each time they came they tried to persuade her to kill herself.

Hell had also worked through those she went to for help. The demons led her to a Psychiatrist who insisted she was dangerous to herself as well as others and should sign herself into a mental facility permanently.

As we prayed memories surfaced of a ritual she was subjected to when she was six years old. Her memories were blurred but she recalled being bitten on the neck and sexually molested. I figured it was either a group of satanist ritually abusing her or possibly a cult of vampires.

Hour after weary hour we prayed, casting out demons of witchcraft, insanity, torment, confusion and sexual demons. But I was after the strongman and determined I would not stop until he was defeated and cast out. As a rule I try to remain objective so I don’t get worn out emotionally, but sometimes the torment they have subjected the person to gets me riled up. (That’s Christianeze for angry.) Anyway, I was determined this demon strongman was going to pay for making this young lady’s entire life a living hell. Now I was determined it was going to hell.

After three hours a demon surfaced that caused her to manifest all the signs of someone who was totally insane. Her head shook violently causing the trestles of her hair to fly wildly in every direction. Her countenance took on a wild maniacal insane look. The demon tried again and again to stare me down with a half menacing half insane grin and would then break into a fit of fiendish laughter.

We fought this demon for two more hours commanding it again and again to tell us its name. It finally started mouthing some gibberish and eventually said it’s name was Cathua. I now understood why this demon was so strong. He was an Indian demon or to be more politically correct a native American demon.

We fought it for another thirty minutes after it had revealed its name and finally cast it out. Afterward I asked the young lady if she was part Indian. She didn’t believe so but recalled living close to an Indian burial ground when she was nineteen. It was at that time that Indian spirits started coming to her saying their burial grounds had been defiled by the whites and she was going to have to pay for that crime.

I felt certain she did have Indian blood. This demon who had been in her since she was a child was definitely the ruling strongman. This much was clear because of the insane look in her eyes when it surfaced.

I have fought many Indian demons since God called me into the deliverance ministry and have seen so many ways they torment people. There may be some reading this who are thinking this guy is a racist. Let me help you there. I am part Indian through both my maternal grandfather who was half Cherokee and my maternal grandmother who was one quarter Choctaw. So when I speak of Indians, I am referring to my own race.

That said, I would like to share with you something I have learned about Indian demons.

They claim territorial or land rights which adds to their strength.

What does this mean? The strength of a demon is a combination of all of the legal rights it claims. This may include:

Generational CursesSoul TiesAbuse
Word CursesWitchcraftDeception
Sinful BehaviorUnforgivenessBitterness

While in the battle, whether or not the demon verbalizes these claims, he is using them as his reason for not leaving. As soon as you break through one of his, “quote” rights, he throws up the next one to hide behind.

The session may be shortened by stripping all of these legal rights before starting the battle of the wills. You strip these rights by leading the one being prayed for in prayers of repentance of the sins which gave them those rights. This would include repentance from one’s own sins as well as the sins of others including ancestors.

This is important because one of the drawbacks for those involved in the deliverance ministry is the time element. Had I known I was battling an Indian demon I might have been able to shorten the battle for this young lady.

Indian demons claim one legal right the others do not have which is land rights. This adds to their resolve which is their strength and so lengthens the battle. Let me explain; demons do have land rights when the native Americans they inhabit are living on their own tribal lands. Land rights are an indisputable law in God’s economy.

Consider the exchange between God and Abraham in Genesis 15:13-16 when God tells Abraham He is sending his descendants to Egypt for 400 years and will then return them to the land after four generations. God explains to Abraham His reason for doing this; the Amorites still have rights to the land. He will not take their land and give it to Abraham’s descendants until the Amorites’ sin justifies stripping their rights and expelling them from the land.

Indian demons are famous for claiming these rights under God’s legal system of justice. Its ironic that though they have no laws they must honor, they insist on claiming every right due them under God’s laws.
All the demons who came to America in immigrants who migrated here from other countries, left their rights to the land in the place they left whether Europe, Asia, Africa, or wherever they came from.

The demons who were originally here on the American Continent have more strength because of their rights to the land. I have fought many very strong Indian demons with a resolve to fight because they firmly believe in their land rights.

Their claim of land rights may be true in some cases but certainly not always. The demon you are fighting may be an Indian spirit of the Cherokee Nation located in the south, yet be in a person who migrated to the north. It may claim land rights though it has none to claim because it is not on its tribal lands.

Even if their claim of land rights is accurate and their resovle is strong their claim to the person is faulty. If one is a born again believer they are now the purchased possession of the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 6:20, 7:23) and whether the demon has land rights or not they do not have rights to any blood bought believer. The problem lies in the fact that they believe they do and must be persuaded otherwise.

If you do not get in their face and refute their claims, they cling to this lie which gives them strength. Sometimes this is just enough edge for them to hang on until you quit fighting.

Another factor that gives them strength is if the one being prayed for has a national pride in their Indian heritage that will not allow them to renounce their native American religion.

I prayed for a young woman several years who had a demon speak through her and called itself ‘the great and mighty one.’ He rebuked me for daring even to speak to him. He said he had been in her family for many generations and told me the name of her father and grandmother. Demons are liars but I knew he was telling the truth in this instance because I knew her father, a businessman who took off work several months each summer to take part in the Indian summer powwow circuit.

The young girl had lost consciousness so I roused her and told her what this demon had told me. I explained to her the need to renounce her Indian religion. She was indignant and said that was tantamount to renouncing her heritage. I explained to her, how asking a person of Japanese descent to renounce Buddhism was not asking them to renounce their Japanese heritage. She left offended saying I had insulted her. She called several days later, begging me to help her get rid of it because it was choking her at night.

When there is a willingness to renounce the Indian religion, the demon realizes it has lost the loyalty of the one being prayed over and often loses its resolve to fight.

I once prayed for a seventy year old full blooded Apache Indian man. He came to me because he had struggled many years with recurring thoughts of hatred toward his three sons. He was famous for his ability to create beautiful Indian clothing resplendent with beadwork. When he learned it was an Indian spirit that hated his sons because they had mixed blood, (he had married a Caucasian woman) he renounced his Indian religion. The demon left without much of a fight. The man went home and gathered up all his Indian clothing and headdresses with the beautiful artwork and gave them away.

A tip to remember when engaging in a battle that seems to have no end. Stop and lead the one being prayed over in a prayer of repentance which includes refuting claims any Indian demons may think they have through land rights.

Matt 11:12 says, “The violent take it by force.


Get in their face and tell them you don’t care whether they think they have land rights or not. You reject their lie and declare no one has any rights to you or the one you are praying over other than Jesus Christ. Then rebuke them and drive them out with the power and authority he has given you in Luke 10:19 that says,

“I have given you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy and nothing will harm you.”


For all our prayer partners, please be praying for me and the team as we leave tomorrow for a seventeen day trip to do conferences in Cambodia and Singapore.

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Stay in the Fight

A Fellow Soldier,